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Verisk Celebrates

Women’s History Month

Chenelle Tanglao

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Chenelle Tanglao

Associate Managing Director, Strategic Ventures,
Verisk Financial

Is authenticity the key to a rewarding career? Verisk Financial’s Chenelle Tanglao shares how bringing her full self to work has made an impact, plus the coolest project she’s ever worked on.

How did you get into your current field?

I started as an analyst at Verisk Financial | Argus, using data to help banks better understand their portfolio performance and consumer behavior. I’ve always been drawn to the richness of data—with a little code and logic, there’s always a story to tell!

I have now spent over a decade at the intersection of data, analytics, and financial services. Over my career at Verisk, I’ve done everything from working directly with some of the world’s biggest banks, launching our products in Latin America, building out our office in Australia, and now working on the Strategic Ventures team.

What’s the coolest project you’re working on right now, and why?

I’m on the Strategic Ventures team at Verisk Financial, and part of what we do is identify transformational opportunities for growth—whether that’s inside or outside of Verisk Financial. One of the big projects I’m working on is reimagining our core business’s next-generation platform. We have one of the most unique data assets in the world, so dreaming up how we marry that with the latest and greatest technology and analytical tools to serve our clients is super exciting.

I’ve had the opportunity to play a supporting role in some really impactful work, like tracking our economic recovery through the COVID pandemic. We’re answering questions like how are consumers’ behaviors changing? Are they spending and saving differently? Are certain groups disproportionately (and perhaps more negatively) affected than others? I think it’s amazing that we’re able to create a better understanding of the real, measurable impacts of a once-in-a-lifetime event like this and ultimately influence policy and decision-making on a larger scale.

What do you think has made a difference in your career?

Asking! I’ve been very lucky to have worked in an environment where I’m able to do so quite freely. I think it’s so critical to know how to not only ask for opportunities but also how to ask for help. Confidence has a big role in this. It’s something I’m continually working on.

I also think being authentic is key. In my career, I've refused to be limited by the idea of how a woman in tech should look or act. I’ve found that when you can bring your full self to work, it’s so much easier to enjoy what you do and excel in your field.